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Annual Dues
  • TITLE COMPANIES - Who do they contact?
    Title Companies wanting information about Homeowners Association Fees, Dues and payments can send their request to our HOA Treasurer.  
    • Click on the Contact Us link on the left.  
    • Select Treasurer from the Send To drop-down list.  
    • Complete the rest of the information including a detailed description of what you need the Treasurer to provide.
  • What are the 3 payment methods for annual dues?
    You have 3 methods for paying your 2018 Donegal Cliffs Homeowners’ Dues.
    U.S. Mail
    • Complete the 2018 Dues Notice.
    • Include a check for $100 payable to Donegal Cliffs Homeowners Association.
    • Send to DCHA, P.O. Box 354, Dublin, OH  43017
    Bill Pay through your bank
    • Ensure you include your name, address and phone number to ensure your payment is applied to your account
    • $100 payable to Donegal Cliffs Homeowners Association.
    • Send to DCHA, P.O. Box 354, Dublin, OH  43017
    • Make sure to update your online profile on the website.
    Online Payment from our Website with a Credit Card (Available again this year!)
    • Go to: and click on Online Payments
    • Follow the instructions for paying with a credit card via PayPal.
    • A processing fee of $3.30 will automatically be added to your payment.
    • You will receive a receipt via email when you pay online.
    • Make sure to update your online profile on the website. 
  • How much are the Annual Dues?
    The annual HOA dues are just $100 per household.  The dues have remained at this very low amount for over 10 years!
  • When are the annual dues due?
    Upon receipt!  To avoid late fees, complete the Dues form and return it with your payment as soon as you receive it. The final deadline is January 31.
  • What address do I send my annual dues to?
    Donegal Cliffs Homeowners Association
    P.O. Box 354
    Dublin, OH  43017
  • Are there late fees if I don't pay Upon Receipt?
    Yes.  Please pay immediately to avoid late fees.
    Add an additional $15 (late fee) per quarter.
    February 1 June 30 $115
    July 1 - September 30 $130
    October 1 - December 31 $145
    after December 31 $160
    Liens may be placed on properties for chronic non-payment of the annual HOA dues.

  • Can I pay my dues via my online banking?
    Yes.  Make sure to provide the following information:
    • Your name and Donegal Cliffs Address so that your dues payment gets applied to your account correctly.
    • Checks payable to: Donegal Cliffs Homeowners Association
    • Send to:  DCHA, P.O. Box 354, Dublin, OH  43017
  • Can I pay my dues online?
    YES!  You are able to pay your annual HOA dues on this website via PayPal. Just click on the Online Payment link and follow the instructions.
  • What are the dues used for?
    The percentages below represent the areas that the annual dues covered for 2013. 
    • 60% Landscaping
    • 9% Utilities
    • 8% Legal Expenses
    • 6% Reserve
    • 5% Insurance
    • 5% Maintenance
    • 5% Mailings
    • 1% Real Estate Tax
    • 1% Social
    Note: The majority of the Legal Expenses in 2013 were due to rewriting the Bylaws and adding the Sexual Predator amendment to the agreement.  These expenses will not continue in subsequent years.

  • Who do I contact if my neighbor is in violation of a neighborhood restriction?
    We are fortunate that the basic deed restrictions have been incorporated into a Dublin City Planned Unit Development (PUD).  You can find a copy by clicking on Documents, HOA Official Documents and DCHA Development Text-PUD. These restrictions are controlled by the city Zoning Office.  If you are aware of any breaches of these restrictions please contact Brian Martin, Zoning Inspector directly at 614-410-4660 or The Board would also appreciate being notified so we can follow up with the city if needed.
  • Who do I contact about a street tree?
    Street trees are maintained by the City Forester and staff.  You can find more information on the City of Dublin webiste:

Garage Sale
  • When is the neighborhood Garage Sale?
    The Donegal Cliffs neighborhood Garage Sale is typically the weekend before the Memorial Day weekend. Watch the website, Google Group emails and signs at our entrances for more information.
  • Is there a cost to participate in the Garage Sale?
    Yes.  The cost is usually $8 per household.  The $8 covers the following :
    • Garage sale permits that must be purchased from the City of Dublin
    • Advertising in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper as well as online and in the local papers
    • Maps, signs and balloons

Google Group
  • What is the Donegal Cliffs Google Group?
    It is a major form of communication in our neighborhood.  We need all households to have at least one email in the group.  Please sign into the site and click on Google Group for more information.
  • Why should I join the Google Group?
    The Google Group has been a great asset to our community.  Below are some examples:
    • HOA information is sent to homeowners in a more cost effective and timely manner. 
    • Everyone in the group is able to send an email to everyone in the neighborhood.  This feature is invaluable when you have lost a pet and want to reach out to your neighbors for help. 
    • Many have used it to ask for recommendations for lawn service, plumbers, general contractors, window cleaners, painters, etc.
    • Several have announced local school and charity events.
  • How can I tell if an email is from the Donegal Cliffs Google Group?
    All emails that come from the Donegal Cliffs Google Group will have the follow at the beginning of the Subject Line of the email:  {Donegal Cliffs}

  • Why has the website changed?
    The company that was hosting our previous website was shutting down the server that our website was on.  The company's owner is a former Donegal Cliffs resident and was hosting the site for free.  His company is not in the business of hosting homeowner website.  Since he no longer lives in the neighborhood it was time that we moved the website to a new hosting company.  We are very appreciative of the free hosting for the past 10 years!
  • Will my username/password from the old website work on this new website?
    No.  This is a completely different website and it requires an entirely new username/password.
  • How can I register for the new website?
    All Donegal Cliffs homeowners that have submitted their 2014 Dues form and payment and provided at least one email address on the form will be pre-registered.  You will receive an email with your new username and password.


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